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23 July 2015

Readers may be familiar with a recent opinion piece by corporate high flyer Nick Baber.

Nick Baber was a director of the professional services firm KPMG. Baber suffered from depression.

Baber bravely told his workplace of his mental health issues. Happily, Baber was overwhelmed by his colleagues' positive response.  More...

7 July 2015

Family law disputes are often the most bitterly contested. Perhaps next in line would be employment law.

People in a close and trusting relationship who part company often end up getting hurt, and the ferocity of the argument and any subsequent litigation often reflects this.

Combine a family dispute with an employment one and you have dynamite.  More...

24 June 2015

Ministers in the Church of England seem to be getting quite litigious. I recently wrote of a vicar who went all the way to the English Court of Appeal claiming that he had been unjustifiably dismissed.

The court ruled that he was not an employee, but rather that he was a person answering a call to the Ministry and was in a different category to people who are employed.

Very recently, the Rev Canon Jeremy Pemberton was stripped of his licence to officiate in the Diocese of Southall and Nottingham where he lives, following his high profile civil union to his husband Laurence Cunnington.  More...

11 June 2015

Against the backdrop of the recent Fifa scandal, it seems incongruous that in New Zealand we have idealistic youth playing in the under-20 football World Cup from North Cape to the Bluff.  More...

26 May 2015

Reverend Mark Sharpe claimed he was driven out of his Church of England parish in Worcestershire after his dog was poisoned, his car tyres slashed and his mail tampered with.  More...

12 May 2015

Employment legislation recognises the imbalance in power between the employer and a worker in an employment relationship.

Migrants who come to New Zealand to study, to work, or to live are likely to do so under the authority of a permit issued by the New Zealand government.

Many are looking to secure residence or citizenship in New Zealand. Often people come from impoverished backgrounds and look to New Zealand as a land of opportunity. Indeed, many of our ancestors came to New Zealand on the same basis.  More...

30 April 2015

ANZAC day remembrance services have happened throughout New Zealand and Australia.

The ramifications of both World Wars had a profound effect in New Zealand. Not only do the emotional repercussions continue to reverberate today, we also continue to see the effect on domestic life.  More...

14 April 2015

Sports fans will be familiar with Mils Muliaina's great rugby qualities. Muliaina was born in Samoa but raised in Southland. He played for the Blues and then the Chiefs. He is one of our outstanding fullbacks and one of a handful of All Blacks to play over a hundred test matches. He ended his career on a high, being part of the All Black Team that won the World Cup. He currently plays for the Irish club Connacht.

Readers will have been shocked to read of his arrest after a match in Gloucester.  More...

31 March 2015

Public reaction to bullying can be a fickle beast. The recent incidents involving Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson and X Factor NZ judges Willy Moon and Natalia Kills demonstrate this.  More...

17 March 2015

Employment law and the world of professional sports have an awkward relationship. Employment law principles can struggle to make sense when applied to the sporting context. But where does this leave those for whom sports is employment?  More...


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