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2019 Publications

24 April 2019

New Zealand is a liberal democracy with a Bill of Rights act that affirms democratic freedoms. These apply in all areas of life, including the workplace.

Citizens are guaranteed the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religious belief. This includes the right to adopt and hold opinions without interference. More ...

10 April 2019

David Hingst, a contract administrator in Melbourne brought a case of wrongful dismissal and bullying.

What is unique is that he alleged that one key component of the bullying while working at Construction Engineering was that his supervisor directed flatulence at him.

He claimed damages of A$1.8 million (NZ$1.9m). More ...

13 March 2019

Matthew Furlong applied to join the Cheshire police in 2017 and was rejected as a recruit because he was a white, heterosexual male.

Furlong lodged a complaint. The Employment Tribunal in England sitting in Liverpool ruled that Furlong was directly discriminated against on the grounds of sexual orientation, race, and sex. More ...

28 February 2019

Over the last week or so, the sexualisation of workers' appearance and inappropriate workplace policies have been the focus of multiple new stories in the media.

The issue of mainly women workers being exploited for their physical appearance in the workplace is not a new issue. Of course, the MeToo movement, which aims to stamp out sexual harassment and similar inappropriate conduct, has received huge publicity over the last year or so. More ...

13 February 2019

KiwiBuild had been a key pillar of Labour's policy platform but the programme has hit turbulence.

Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment chief executive Carolyn Tremain proclaimed that the arrival of Stephen Barclay as chief executive of KiwiBuild was a significant appointment. He was previously headed the San Francisco's Americas Cup event, and even more recently held a senior role in the Ministry of Health. More ...

30 January 2019

The way people work has changed radically since the Industrial Revolution.

Changes in working patterns lead to legislative changes in order to keep up with the times.

Last week it was reported the National Party had leaked the Working Group on Fair Pay Agreements' recommendations. Fair Pay Agreements would set minimum pay and conditions for select industries. If the recommendations do result in legislative change they will be likely to mostly affect casual and low-paid workers. More ...

16 January 2019

Courtenay Central, which houses Reading Cinemas and other retail outlets, was abruptly closed on January 5.

Wellingtonians are becoming used to buildings being closed because they pose an earthquake risk. A number of other buildings around the city are yellow stickered, which means there is a risk and they must be strengthened. More ...


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Cullen - The Employment Law Firm was one of the first eleven law firms in New Zealand approved to provide employment law services to Government and the public sector.

Cullen - The Employment Law Firm and Women's Refuge are partnering to bring your business an understanding of the effects of domestic violence and the new laws assisting victims of domestic violence at work. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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