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Cullen - The Employment Law Firm is a specialist employment law firm with a wide range of employer and employee clients. We have acted for employer clients from both the public and private sectors, and for individual employees.

29 July 2020

How many times do you interact with your smartphone every day?

If you are typical it is likely your estimate will be far less than the reality. Check it out for a day or even an hour. Today's smartphones seem like an extension of our personality. More ...

15 July 2020

We are living in difficult economic times. Many of us are benefiting from the Government's wage subsidy and support packages but these will not last forever. By the end of the year subsidies may be lifted and the economic focus will be on rebuilding the economy. More ...

7 July 2020

There has been a lot of media coverage recently regarding tragic workplace fatalities in New Zealand. This year alone WorkSafe reported 25 work-related deaths. In the wake of these deaths there have been several calls for better investigations into the incidents and harsher penalties for those found guilty. More ...

1 July 2020

The way we experience our country depends in large part on our background and our identity. The opportunities afforded to us, and the rewards we receive, vary accordingly.

The way the world appears to one person may be very different to the way it appears to their neighbour or colleague, particularly if one belongs to the majority culture and one to a minority culture or group. More ...

17 June 2020

For many the working arrangements put in place during the higher Covid-19 alert levels may have prompted longer term changes to how they work.

There has been a growing push for more flexible working starting long before the Covid-19 pandemic. Flexible work has been said to result in better job satisfaction, better work-life balance, reduced absenteeism, and less sick leave usage. More ...

8 June 2020

We are approaching the mid-point of 2020. While a lot has happened over the last few months, and much has changed, the Employment Relations Authority and Employment Court has continued to function and issue decisions.

The are some recent decisions that are of note for both employers and employees. More ...

4 June 2020

Community support for law is strongest when the laws are enacted following an accepted process and when they apply equally to everybody.

The British Government, like many around the world, responded to Covid-19 by enacting regulations to keep its citizens at home. In essence these regulations required that people stay home, and can only leave to exercise once a day, go to work if they are essential workers, shop for essential items and fulfil any medical or care needs. More ...

20 May 2020

The looming economic recession triggered by the coronavirus pandemic is going to lead to significant unemployment.

There will be many businesses seeking to re-pivot and restructure to make themselves more sustainable in the current climate.

These companies may find independent contractor arrangements much more attractive than hiring employees. More ...

5 May 2020

We have all endured the boredom of lockdown and are pushing through the slightly less restricted level three.

However, with restrictions posed to reduce even further over the coming weeks and months, people have started to cast their minds towards what happens next. More ...

22 April 2020

For most people living in New Zealand, and perhaps the world, the last couple of months have changed lives in ways that would have been inconceivable only a short time ago.

We are presently in lockdown and can expect to be in under variations on lockdown, whether absolute or benign for some time to come.

Unfortunately, not everybody has followed the rules. More ...

Cullen - The Employment Law Firm was one of the first eleven law firms in New Zealand approved to provide employment law services to Government and the public sector.

Employment insecurity?

In these difficult economic times, the team at Cullen knows that you may be feeling stressed and vulnerable. We would like to offer employees an affordable fixed rate for an initial consultation to discuss your situation.
To access this special rate of $150+GST please email enquiries@cullenlaw.co.nz

Cullen - The Employment Law Firm and Women's Refuge are partnering to bring your business an understanding of the effects of domestic violence and the new laws assisting victims of domestic violence at work. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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