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12 September 2018

Elon Musk, chief executive of Tesla, is overworking himself.

In a recent New York Times interview he said he was having an excruciating year of working up to 120 hours a week and taking a sleeping pill, Ambien, to get to sleep. He admits the stress is taking a heavy toll on him personally.

With all due respect, this is a terrible example for a leader to be setting. Surely Musk is not so crucial that he can't bring in others to do the work and support him.  More ...

30 August 2018

Over the last 20 years, New Zealand has become a very cosmopolitan country, with people from many religions, cultures, and countries now making up our population.

Most New Zealanders respect different religions and cultures and embrace the challenge of accommodating different beliefs and ways of doing things. Unfortunately this is not always the case, here or overseas.

More ...

15 August 2018

Pop star Pink has cancelled or postponed many of her Sydney Beautiful Trauma shows for health reasons.

Unfortunately, after postponing her show, Pink was photographed relaxing at Byron Bay with her children. Fans have been disappointed by the cancellations, many having travelled to Australia from New Zealand for the show.

Pink fired back at the media criticism of her cancelling her shows and indulging herself at the beach.   More ...

1 August 2018

The travelling public may think the Greater Wellington Regional Council has missed the bus when it comes to providing a reliable public transport system for the capital city.

However any change in contractor will have teething troubles. Now is the union's best chance to leverage on this and try get greater membership and a collective agreement.

Reports of flaws in the new system pour in. Drivers don't seem to know where they are going; it is said one paid a school student $5 to tell them where to go.  More ...

19 July 2018

The world has been following the story of the 12 young Thai footballers and their coach trapped deep within the Tham Luang caves. A captivating story of children fighting for survival and great courage by the volunteers who have risked their own lives to save them.

The boys became trapped by flood waters about 3.2 km from the cave's entrance after wading in to "try go to the end of the tunnel". More ...

4 July 2018

The former chief executive of France Telecom, as well as six other executives, will stand trial for the suicides of about 60 workers.

In 2006, France Telecom announced plans to restructure the business in an effort to modernise. Over three years, 22,000 workers would be made redundant and another 14,000 would be moved and retrained.  More ...

20 June 2018

The coach of the Spanish football team was dismissed two days before their first World Cup match. Coach Julen Lopetegui had been negotiating with Real Madrid to become their new head coach. The Spanish Royal Football Federation was unaware.

To everyone's surprise, Real Madrid announced Lopetegui would come on board as their new coach after the World Cup. The federation president said Lopetegui only told them he had signed with Real Madrid five minutes before the announcement.

The Spanish Royal Football Federation dismissed Lopetegui within hours. There has been much speculation as to whether dismissing Lopetegui was wise or a knee-jerk reaction to the federation being embarrassed. Spain was one of the favourites to win the World Cup but that may be a more difficult task now their coach has been dismissed.   More ...

6 June 2018

The Government announced last week that over 150,000 cattle will be culled to eradicate mycoplasma bovis from New Zealand.

The disease has been called the most severe economic biosecurity issue to hit New Zealand. It is clearly a real threat to dairy which is the backbone of New Zealand's economy.  More ...

23 May 2018

Israel Folau certainly created controversy when several weeks ago he answered a query on Instagram about God's plan for homosexuals. Folau commented "HELL … unless they repent of their sins and turn to God".

And what a backlash that brought. More ...

9 May 2018

Successful sports coaches have a wonderful job, but woe betide the losing coach. Just look at Silver Ferns coach, Janine Southby. For the first time ever, the Silver Ferns returned from the Commonwealth Games without a medal.

After the loss to Jamaica at the Commonwealth Games, captain Katrina Grant damningly said the team hadn't had the right direction over the last few months. South African shooter Lenize Potgieter poured petrol on the fire when she said she was very confused about decisions that were made by the Silver Ferns during the games.  More ...


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