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Cullen - The Employment Law Firm is a specialist employment law firm with a wide range of employer and employee clients. We have acted for employer clients from both the public and private sectors, and for individual employees.

15 September 2017

September 23 has been circled on calendars for months, and now the 2017 General Election is just days away. Political parties have released their policies and the election frenzy is ever-intensifying. What might these policies mean for employment standards? Where do the major political parties stand on important employment issues?  More ...

6 September 2017

Spring has finally arrived and the countdown is on to the first day of summer when many Kiwis will gather around BBQs in backyards, beverages in hand.

While this is a classic Kiwi experience, people will hopefully be aware that alcohol and the workplace can be an explosive mix.

An engineering firm in Chicago recently had one of their employees, a Mr Makropoulos, arrive at work highly intoxicated. He was told he could not work his shift because he was so impaired.  More ...

23 August 2017

The Chief Executive of one of Australia's biggest accounting associations has been sacked by the board and given a A$4.9 million (NZ$5.3m) pay-out. CEO Alex Malley, faced extended lobbying to disclose his salary to the members of Certified Practising Accountants of Australia (CPA) for some time.

CPA Australia ultimately disclosed Malley's total remuneration to be A$1.8 million a year. The campaign for disclosure was harmful for CPA. In addition to Malley's sacking, the fallout led seven board members to resign within two weeks of each other. More ...

9 August 2017

The election of 37-year-old Jacinda Ardern to the leadership of the Labour Party has captured the headlines across New Zealand.

Mark Richardson, on the AM Show, asked her about her plans to have children, arguing that an employer had the right to know this information from potential female employees.

Accordingly, voters should have the right to know about her plans to have children when preparing to cast their vote in the upcoming general election.   More ...

31 July 2017

The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) has issued a new set of rules for on-course apparel which have received considerable backlash from golfers and fans alike. The new rules forbid female golfers from wearing plunging necklines, leggings, collar-less shirts or revealing skirts on the course. A breach of these new rules will carry a $1000 fine that doubles each time the player reoffends.  More ...

26 July 2017

An employee, Madalyn Parker, recently sent her chief executive an email saying that she was taking a couple of days off work to focus on her mental health.

Parker said that hopefully she would be back the next week, refreshed and back to 100 per cent.  More ...

12 July 2017

Sonny Bill Williams' red card for a no-arms shoulder charge on Lions wing Anthony Watson has gathered significant attention.

Players who are sent off the field must appear before the rugby judiciary for disciplinary action to be determined. But could Sonny Bill, the New Zealand Rugby Union (NZRU) as the employer, Steve Tew the chief executive, or other players in test rugby face legal liability for injuring someone in the course of their duties as a rugby player?  More ...

28 June 2017

Do employers have the right to know about employees' criminal charges? The Supreme Court has found that an employer often will have the right to know, even if there is a suppression order.

"X" was employed by the University of Otago as a campus security guard. While employed, he faced charges of willful damage and assaulting his wife. X pleaded guilty but the judge discharged him without conviction on both charges because it was "extremely likely" he would otherwise lose his job. The judge also made a suppression order prohibiting publication of X's name or identification. More ...

22 June 2017

When allegations such as sexual harassment, bullying, or theft are made against an employee the employer must investigate the allegations before finding misconduct. There is a common misconception that such an investigation must be flawless for the employer to have acted justifiably. However, a recent Court of Appeal case clarifies the law around what constitutes a sufficient investigation.  More ...

14 June 2017

A man who was dismissed through a text message has won his case for unjustified dismissal in the Employment Relations Authority. But despite being wrongfully dismissed, he did not receive any money. More ...

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