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Cullen - The Employment Law Firm is a specialist employment law firm with a wide range of employer and employee clients. We have acted for employer clients from both the public and private sectors, and for individual employees.

14 March 2018

William Wilberforce abolished slavery in the United Kingdom 150 years ago, yet bonded labour, people trafficking and exploitation persist.

With the industrial revolution in England came inhuman working conditions. Workers were often paid by credit note to the company store and then significant deductions were made from their wages for their lodgings and for buying food from the company store. More ...

28 February 2018

Russell McVeagh is one of New Zealand's leading law firms. It has a reputation for high-quality advice, is widely respected for its legal work and previously won the 2017 Employer of Choice award for a large firm.

However it is currently dealing with serious allegations of sexual abuse of female employees by senior members of staff. More ...

14 February 2018

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and Australia's Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, are both involved in considerable publicity about whether elements of their private lives should be subjected to media speculation.

Barnaby Joyce is facing criticism around the breakdown of his 24-year marriage and his new relationship with a former staffer, with whom he is expecting a baby. Joyce says that the personal lives of politicians should not be the subject of media scrutiny. Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and Australia's Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, are both involved in considerable publicity about whether elements of their private lives should be subjected to media speculation. More ...

31 January 2018

New Zealand has been excited by the news that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is going to have a baby.

Mark Richardson, a panellist on the AM Show, asked Ardern about her plans to have children last year. He was the subject of much anger. Many critics questioned whether a man would have been asked that question.

We now know that Prime Minister Ardern will become one of very few female world leaders to have a baby whilst in office. She and Clarke Gayford are expecting their first child to be born in June. The prime minister will certainly have a lot on her plate, leading the country and mothering a new baby. More ...

13 December 2017

In current times, businesses are engaging workers in increasingly different ways.

Some industries have moved away from traditional bi-lateral employment relationships while labour-hire arrangements and other forms of triangular employment have become increasing popular.

Businesses enjoy these arrangements as they do not have the obligations of an employment relationship. However, the Employment Court has issued a judgment on a labour hire situation where two companies did not end up with all the benefits they would want.

A labour hire company called Solutions Personnel provided LSG Sky Chefs New Zealand with workers. LSG provides catering services to airlines and has several hundred people working for it. More ...

1 December 2017

We are now in the lead up to Christmas, an important day for all to spend time with loved ones and celebrate the passing of another year. In 2017 Christmas will touch readers in different ways. The historic significance of Christmas is the birth of Christ and the impact that has on Christians and, to a lesser extent, the society we live in.

However, newer themes have clearly emerged over the years and some people are resistant to the idea of Christmas as a public celebration at all. Problems can arise when these different themes come together in the workplace as two Canadian employment disputes highlight.  More ...

29 November 2017

Juli Briskman was dismissed by her employer after a photograph of her giving United States President Donald Trump and his motorcade the middle finger became famous.

On October 29, President Trump was leaving the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia after playing golf. A pedestrian gave Trump a thumbs-down as the motorcade drove past. Shortly after, the motorcade overtook a woman on a bike who pulled the middle finger at Trump. A photographer travelling with the motorcade took a photo of the event which went viral on the internet.  More ...

Cullen - The Employment Law Firm is one of only eleven law firms in New Zealand approved to provide employment law services to Government and the public sector.

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